Shamanism and Daoism contain deep wisdom and provide powerful tools and methods to develop new levels of consciousness and perception, and to transform ourselves at the deepest levels. Yet it's important to recognise they are frameworks that allow us to work within our perception of reality; they provide a model of reality. To know the true nature of things we must ultimately let go of all frameworks, models and tools.


Peruvian shamanism is said to have its roots stretch back to the time before humans roamed the lands. It's a powerful wisdom tradition that provides a framework to explore and transform our own nature and the very core of our being in the most profound of ways. Through our own transformation we transform the world for ourselves and others.

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Qi Gong

Often used as a healing practice the various Qi Gong exercises work with our mind and energy system to create changes that lead to improved health, strength and wellbeing. The practice of Qi Gong leads us through a transformational process that shifts our consciousness, allowing access to higher realms of awareness and ultimately leading to an awakening to our true nature.

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