Walking the Medicine Wheel

Q'ero Shamans of Peru

Stepping into Shamanism

Starting in 2018 the “Walking the Medicine Wheel” classes are now available in the UK. Using teachings which are built on the tools, knowledge, and wisdom of the Inka Shamanic Traditions of Peru, that stretch back to the beginning of time, we go through a process of profound self transformation over a cycle of 12 months.


The Medicine Wheel is a map of transformation and with it we can change our consciousness and every aspect of our being; it’s a journey to step into our becoming and into being. Like all maps, this map only shows the direction and the territory. To really engage in the growth and transformation, we must walk this path ourselves, experiencing all of its aspects.

We have an incredible opportunity to step into walking the Medicine Wheel, with four workshops, each building on the one before, creating the freedom and momentum for each of us to reinvent our lives; stepping into a new way of Being and Creating.

During the year we will:

  • Walk the Journey of Transformation and Creation
  • Clear limitations and restrictions, freeing us to live in new ways
  • Deepen our connection to our Essential Self
  • Awaken new beliefs about ourselves and our engagement with life
  • Bring the richness of who we truly are into manifestation
  • Step into the new paradigm at this incredible time on the planet

Throughout the programme Traditional Peruvian Rites of Initiation will be given: these energetic attunements facilitate our transformation.

The Four Directions of the Medicine Wheel

The four workshops are spaced throughout the year and embody the four directions on the Medicine Wheel, each one continues our transformation in new ways and to greater depths.

Serpent Journey of the South

We begin our journey in the South. It’s where we come to shed our past, in the same way a serpent sheds its skin, all at one time. By releasing the grip of our personal histories all at once, we transform our relationship with life so that life becomes a journey of beauty and richness. We receive rites of initiation that propel us on our journey of transformation.

Jaguar Journey of the West

In the West, we learn the practices of the luminous warrior to claim ourselves with nothing to prove or defend; we step beyond our limiting beliefs, projections, fears and beyond death. We release our genetic and karmic limitations so we are no longer defined by them and can determine our own sense of integrity and right action.

Hummingbird Journey of the North

The North is the place of the mystery teachings; the ancient knowledge that can be experienced but not told. It's where we release our roles and all that defines us so that we may know that we are Spirit. We learn the mastery of time, to step out of ordinary time into sacred time, into infinity. We step fully into our epic journey, into these new times we are living in, and anchor in the new paradigm.

Eagle/Condor Journey of the East

From the North we go into the East; the place of the eagle, condor, the visionary, the seer. Here we look at the possibilities before looking at the reasons why they can’t work. We step in as the visionary, who understands that through the act of seeing you can bring the world into being. We see the highest possibilities of our becoming that are both inside and outside of time, we re-create ourselves and our world, bringing the fullness of who we are into form.

Once we have learnt to walk the medicine wheel, we can use it to engage life in a new way; not as a series of events that happens to us but as a journey that we have chosen, we step into Ayni with ourselves and the world.


Traditional Peruvian Mesas

We learn and use many tools and practices throughout the Medicine Wheel, some details of these are:

  • Each direction of the Medicine Wheel we will receive the traditional rites of initiation that propel and assist us on our transformative journey.
  • Empowered by our own healing and infused with the rites of initiation we will build and develop our own Mesa.
  • We learn the maps of shamanic journeying to step between the worlds to retrieve that which is hidden or lost and to bring into being that which has never been.
  • Assisted by the rites of initiation, we awaken and develop new levels of perception and awareness, enabling us to learn and deepen shamanic tracking skills.
  • Through powerful shamanic breathing techniques we cleanse and grow our energetic systems.

Further Information

The medicine wheel is currently running in the USA, UK and Greece. Details can be found below:


If you would like to dive into a profound journey that will release the energetic bindings that limit you and allow you to claim the disowned and hidden parts of yourself, to step into your souls journey, then contact us.

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